The Top 5 Places to Recruit New Team Members

Are you struggling to recruit new team members into your business? Are you having a hard time getting new leads? Do you feel like you talked to everyone you know?  Or do you struggle to get your own personal numbers up?

That was me when I first started my network marketing business. I think we can all relate to the feeling.

I remember when I first started it seemed impossible to hit $1000 in personal and group volume for me.  It seemed like each and every single pay period it came down to the day or two before the pay period ended for me to hit that number.

Now we do 3,4,5,sometimes 10 times that in a pay period.  It all started with a simple mindset shift.

I use to set my goal only on reaching the $1000 and would barely make it, or just fall short. Then I started setting my goals much higher.  I aimed for $2000.  Low an behold, the 1k became easy to hit.

Did I always hit the 2k?  NO!

But even if I fell short, I was way above the 1k that I needed. So again, I set my sites on the next bench mark of $3k.

So what did I do?

I set my goals for $5k in volume.

Needless to say, I never have to worry about hitting $3k in volume.

The simple mindset shift of setting higher goals, will not just make you achieve them.  I get that.  But it will set you up on the right path.

The second part to the equation is taking action each and every single day. It’s filling your pipeline and talking to new people daily.

So where do we meet all these people?

I made this video to help you with that.  In the video I go over my top 5 places to recruit new team members and my MOST favorite place of them all to get new recruits.  I also share with you where my last 5 recruits and my last 2 business builders come from.

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