Are You Poor, Rich, Wealthy or Even Worse?

Poor, Rich Wealthy

Are you poor, rich, wealthy, or even worse? That is the question you need to ask yourself if you’re looking to improve your life. The cool thing is, it doesn’t matter if you fall into the category of poor, rich, wealthy, or the worst one of them all.
What matters is you know where you fall and more importantly, where you want to go.
If you are looking to improve your life through health, finances, and even mindset we need to first identify if you are poor, rich or wealthy.
Or the worst one…
Yes, I know you want to know what the last one is…Hang Tight!
Once we figure out where you are, we can move forward and determine what needs to be done to move you further ahead.

If you are reading this blog, my guess is you do not want to move toward the poor side. The good news is we can help you move closer to the wealth side of the curve.
The video below helps define poor, rich, wealthy and the worst one. It also covers the mindsets and some of the characteristics that each group contain. Having this understanding will make things much simpler as we move forward.

Don’t worry if you are not where you want to be yet. The only thing that matters right now, is we identify where you are so we can help you get to where you want to be. If you’re not sure…you will want to be as close to the wealthy side as possible.

The hardest part for some people is being honest with themselves and identifying where they are at, Some people fear this step and never really identify that. They fear this because deep down they have an idea where they fall. Especially, when people discover what is worse than all three categories. Many think the fourth area is good, but in reality this area can be the deadliest of all (watch the video below to find out).

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