Monday Motivation:Why we need to Be Pushed

TGIM Motivational Monday Video

We all need motivation from time to time. Not just that Monday Morning Motivation, but that burning desire that keeps us moving forward to our goals.

The strange thing is, we hear this all that time, “I don’t like to be pushed” or “I don’t like when people are pushy”

What most people do not realize, is we all need to be pushed. Yes, we all need more than just motivation to help us reach our goals. This applies to all aspects of our lives, in work, in our relationships, in our business, in trying to achieve our health and wellness goals and the list goes on. We need someone that has what we want, pushing us to become better. Someone that pushes us to stretch out beyond what we think we are capable of.

If you look at every successful person, successful athlete, musician, etc. they all have coaches and mentors pushing them to become better versions of themselves.
They push them past their comfort zones. I’m sure you have heard the saying before, “nothing good comes from inside your comfort zone” Or “the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.”
It’s true.
Think about that, Anytime you achieved great success or results in something, were you comfortable?
Probably not.
You may be comfortable doing those things now, but in the beginning my guess is you were not so comfortable.
It’s just like going to school or starting a new job. In the beginning, it’s different for all of us. Anytime we have something new, its going to be different and challenging.
But, we all have a boss, teacher, friend, or mentor pushing us to become better and finish through.
Just because it was hard in the beginning, doesn’t mean give up and quit. Many of you went to school and struggled through it but saw it through.
This is no different with your goals or your side business. You need to see it through and keep pushing until you reach those goals. Then, have a mentor push you to become more.
If you’re not doing more, remember what I talked about in one of my last videos and blog posts, you are going backwards.

Check out today’s motivational video on not only why you need to be pushed, but the best way to push someone.