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Success School 2014 Debt FreeWhen I first discovered network marketing, I wasn’t looking for another job. I was working 84 hours a week as an electrician at a local power plant. I remember working outside every day in below zero weather one winter. There were also days I worked in a hot 120 degree building. Growing up, I saw my parents struggle and how hard they worked to make ends meet so I could deal with the elements that came with it. After all, it’s what I signed up for.

However, what I couldn’t handle was the economy. This was right around the time the economy took a crash. There were over 300 electricians that were laid off and our union hall was telling electricians to look for different careers.
I knew I needed to do something, but didn’t have time to start another job, on top of the 84 hours I was currently working.

I knew network marketing worked. I’ve been a long time product user from my company and have gotten better results on their products in 2 weeks than a year off anything else I’ve ever tried. What really caught my eye was when I saw a good friend of mine take his income from roughly 100k a year to over 30k a month in a rather short time. Now, I could not imagine that type of income at the time, but I knew one thing. If he could make 30k a month and others much greater than that, then I could make 300 bucks a month. And really, that’s all I was looking for when I started. I knew un-employment would not cover all my bills, so if I could make 300-400 a month to make my car payment, that would relieve a ton of stress from me.

Needless to say, I was ready and we started working together. Within 6 months I built my income up to pay my mortgage and car payment still working around 80 hours a week. A year later, I replaced my electrical income. In two years paid off over $90k of debt with my company’s free debt buster system they give you.

Do you know what it feels like to pay off $90k of debt ahead of time?

Currently network marketing has allowed my wife to become a stay at home mom. It’s allowed me to cut my hours from my full time job, and has helped many others on our team as well.

We have a Champion team filled with like-minded individuals looking to help and serve others. There are many team members that have become debt free, become stay at home parents, and truly live life on their terms!

I love waking up every day being able to work when I want and with whom I want. All while helping others achieving the freedom they deserve.

If you’re not happy with where you currently are, or just simply want more, we have a plan to help.
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